• Vendor-Neutral
• No Charge Service
• Fast Results
• Cost Analysis
• International Coverage
• Creative Solutions
• Best Pricing
• Internet connectivity (DSL - OCx)
• Frame Relay
• Firewall
• WAN and International circuits
• Network analysis

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  Save time and money by leveraging our international experience when sourcing data solutions.

CanXCentral is your one stop, vendor neutral solution for sourcing data communications bandwidth. Our industry experts can assist your company to secure the ideal bandwidth solution for your needs.

Our fast and efficient service will help you to cover the market and conserve resources, lower your costs and put business process hours back into the hands of your I.T. staff.

Our staff is available to assist you through the entire provisioning and implementation process.

CanXCentral's expert consultants will help you find the best bandwidth solution quickly and efficiently, all at no charge to your firm.


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