As many of our services work on a commission basis, there is no charge to the client.

Migration and Relocation Solutions
Technical Audit

• International Coverage
• Vendor-Neutral
• No Charge Service
• Fast Results
• Service Provider Selection
• Cost Analysis
• Carrier Neutral or Carrier-Specific
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CanXCentral assists qualified buyers to find the best price for colocation in the market with no charge to their company.

As the complexity of Internet increases, many companies are opting for an outsourced solution to effectively: lower costs, gain professional expertise, and leverage sophisticated technical infrastructure that would be cost-prohibitive to develop and maintain in-house.

CanXCentral is a unique, one-stop service that offers a comprehensive array of services to help companies find the ideal colocation provider.

One of our CanXCentral representatives will work closely with your firm to source and secure a qualified colocation provider. Backed by expertise, our team diligently researches the market to secure the optimal solution for your company, quickly and at the best pricing available.

CanXCentral can also oversee the implementation and migration of your hardware and data, conduct performance testing, monitoring, and technical auditing to effectively manage risk and ensure that your Internet infrastructure is operating efficiently.


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