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• Recover Savings
• Fees charged on results or
  success- basis only
• Manage Expenditures
• In-depth Analysis
• No risk

Let CanXCentral help your firm manage costs and recapture revenue you can direct back to the bottom line.

CanXCentral will perform a full review of your telecommunications, datacom, and cellular expenditures from your current providers and assist your firm to recapture owed refunds and credits and implement savings.

CanXCentral will assess your telecom costs based upon usage patterns and compare them with the current competitive marketplace rates to determine the most cost-effective pricing available.

A similar analysis is performed on all datacom costs and webhosting service expenditures including Internet connectivity, clear-channel circuits, webhosting, firewalls, and managed services. We will identify overlap, redundancy, and pricing structure variance to help you recapture revenue that you can direct toward the bottom line.

Our specialists will take care of everything from analysis to implementation and ensure your time commitment will be minimal.

The process begins by reviewing recent invoices, equipment records, contracts and other details regarding your telecommunications costs. We will work with your staff to secure the necessary information without being intrusive or putting constraints on their time. Our expert analysts will then determine how you can reduce costs and recover owed savings.

The review is conducted at our premises over a period of approximately three to six weeks, based on the volume and complexity of information provided.


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